Pamper Your Furry Friends

Pamper Your Furry Friends

Trust a local family owned and operated groomer with 15+ years of experience

The professional groomers at Fur The Love of Grooming understand what it means to love your pet, which is why we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of care and exceptional grooming services. Call today to make an appointment for your dog or cat and we’ll take care of them like one of our own.

Why use a professional groomer?

Professional grooming services, like those offered at Fur the Love of Grooming, offer a range of health and wellness benefits to your dog or cat, including:

Socialization: Socializing your dog or cat is extremely important, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to engage in weekly grooming. Teach your pet that it’s okay to be touched on their head, back, legs and stomach so future grooming sessions go smoothly.

Shedding Control: Most pets shed, and some pets shed a lot. Regular grooming and brushing can cut down on the amount of hair sticking to your black pants and furniture.

Stay Ahead of Medical Problems: Routinely checking your pet’s eyes, teeth and ears will make it easier to identify any sudden changes that may indicate a medical problem.

Maintain Dental Health: Brushing your pet’s teeth is an easy way to maintain your pet’s dental health and lower the need for professional cleaning performed by your vet.

Appearance: Not only do animals look better after being groomed, they also feel better. Being free of matted hair, having clipped nails and freshly cleaned eyes and ears is an effective way of keeping your pet on the path of wellness.

Call the Fur The Love of Grooming office in Amarillo, TX now to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat!

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